⭐ Lessons for April 17, 2020 ⭐

PE 🏃‍♀️

This week, our challenge is to do arabesque for 30 seconds on each leg. I talked Mommy into doing it with me 😆. I won’t tell you who did better – you’ll have to see for yourself!


Math ➕➖✖➗

Multiplication with regrouping is coming next week, so let’s make sure we have these things down:




Science 🔬

Question 1: Why do outer planets have more moons than the inner planets?

Question 2: What’s the nearest star to our Solar System? (not in ours, so not the Sun, it’s neighbor)

Question 3: Does the Moon create its own light?

Question 4: Name 4 types of galaxies.

Social Science 👩‍🎓

Question 1: What’s a polymath?

Question 2: Who invented the telescope?

Question 3: What theory did Kepler’s research inspire?

Question 4: What theory did Galileo prove?

Activity 📺

I’m making turkey tenderloin (I think it’s kind of like turkey breast?) today:


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