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PE πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Are you going stir-crazy? Too much energy? Well, then I have a solution for you! Here is a set of exercises you can safely do at home any time:


Save the link, so you can return to it whenever you need it!

Math βž•βž–βœ–βž—

Bored of math worksheets yet? I sure am. But mommy promised me multiplication with regrouping for next week!

Science πŸ”¬


A galaxy is a big group of stars circling together around a very dense middle. Thomas Wright was the first one to figure it out in 1917 (so only a bit over a hundred years ago!). The middle of a galaxy is something very dense and heavy and it acts a little like our Sun in the Solar System. Many scientists believe there are black holes in centers of galaxies.

Black holes get created when a star goes supernova – that means it explodes. Then in some cases, the exploding star will collapse on itself, creating a small (well, in astronomical terms small), but extremely heavy object. It creates a ton of gravity and nothing can get away from it, not even light. The fact that even light isn’t fast and strong enough to leave is why they appear to be black.

Word galaxy comes from Greek word for ‘milky’. Our galaxy, Milky way, looks like a white stripe across our sky during the night. The Greeks had a myth that the stripe was created by milk from Hera’s breast.

There are billions of galaxies out there. Our nearest galactic neighbor is Andromeda.

There are four types of galaxies:

  • Spiral – it has a center and some arms that are made up of stars. The arms are arches that go around the center and outward
  • Barred spiral – it’s kind of like spiral galaxy, but there is a middle bar and there are only two arms, which start at each end of the bar
  • Elliptical – those galaxies are discs without any arms. They usually look pretty even inside
  • Irregular – any galaxy that does not fit on of the other three categories. Scientists believe that at least some of these are a result of two or more galaxies colliding.

Social Science πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“

Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei was an Italian (yay for Italians! I am half Italian 😊) astronomer and physicist. He was born in 1564 and was executed by the Catholic Church in 1642 for saying that Copernicus was right about the Sun being center of our Solar System.

Other than his fight with the Catholic Church, Galileo was famous for writing about what he saw through his telescopes:

  • He figured out that our galaxy, Milky Way, was made up of many stars
  • He noticed that the surface of the Moon wasn’t flat
  • He discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter, which we still call today the Galilean Moons
  • He was the first one to see Sun spots, which are dark spots on the surface of our star
  • He noticed that planets around us have dark and light phases, like the Moon, which helped him prove that they were circling the Sun rather than Earth.

Trivia ❓

Kangaroo rats don’t drink water. They get all of the water they need from food.

Word of the day ❗

Strand – line consisting of a complex of fibers twisted togehter.

Activity πŸ“Ί

Learn more about Galileo:

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