⭐Lessons for April 13, 2020 ⭐

PE 🏃‍♀️

Let’s do a leg workout:

Math ➕✖➗➖


Since multiplication is really hard, we need to practice more:

Science 🔬


Neptune is the planet furthest from the Sun. It’s another gas giant and it’s a sister planet to Uranus. It is smaller in size than Uranus, but it is heavier. Neptune has 13 moons and that number keeps growing. Being a gas giant means that you can’t put your feet on the surface. Rather, you would fall through.

I finally learned why outer planets have so many moons and that number keeps growing! Each planet has its own gravity, as does the Sun. Outer planets are really big, so their gravity can catch rocks flying through the space. They are also far enough from the Sun that the Sun can’t steal those objects.

It’s day is shorter than ours – it’s only 16.1 hours. Its year, on the other hand, is crazy long: 164 Earth years!

Neptune has a hydrogen (mostly) and helium atmosphere. Strong winds and storms are common in there. Scientists managed to take a picture of one of those storms and called it the Great Dark Spot. It’s larger than Earth!

Social Science 👩‍🎓

Nicolaus Copernicus

Since we’ve been talking about astronomy, I thought it would be nice to talk about some really famous astronomers. We are going to start with Nicolaus Copernicus (but my mom always calls him Mikolaj Kopernik – apparently like her, he was Polish).

He was born in 1473 and died in 1543. He went to college first in Krakow and then moved to Italy. He was a polymath – he was not only a famous astronomer, but also a mathematician, economist, doctor and a few other things.

In astronomy, his greatest accomplishment was proving that our world is heliocentric. People used to think that stars and other planets move around Earth and Earth is the center of the universe. Copernicus, through his research, proved that it wasn’t true. He showed that planets actually go around the Sun. It was not a popular idea back then because the Catholic Church thought that God made Earth center of the universe.

Trivia ❓

Sharks don’t have bones. Their skeleton is made of cartilage.

Word of the day ❗

Polymath – a person of great learning in multiple fields of study.

Activity 📺

Time to finish up the Solar System:

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