⭐ Lessons for March 23, 2020 ⭐

PE πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

We should start our day with some exercises. Here is your workout for today:

  • Warm with 20 jumping jacks!
  • Do 10 step ups on a stool with each leg
  • Do 10 side step ups on a stool with each leg
  • Do 10 leg lifts

Here is my YouTube video showing what to do – exercise with me!

Math βž•βž–βœ–βž—

I think we are ready to talk about multiplication! This is when people say one number times another. But what does that mean?

People call if often ‘times’, like in ‘two times three’ or ‘five times seven’. We write it down as ‘x’. What they really mean is how many times you have to add the same number to itself. For example 2 x 3 is the same as 2 + 2 + 2:

It’s not that bad, is it? Let’s try another one. Can you do 5 x 4? Hopefully, your answer looked something like this:

Although this would have been right, too:

If you don’t believe me – count blue dots on both pictures!

While you are learning to multiply, using pictures with dots or blocks can be super helpful!

Here is a video explaining it:

Here are your worksheets:

And solutions to the worksheets:

Science πŸ”¬


Tornadoes look like a tube or a cone made of air, which is spinning really fast. They usually get created during strong thunderstorms. They are very destructive and can even kill people. When a tornado is happening, authorities do their best to warn people ahead of time, but usually you don’t have much time to prepare. You should get under ground, like in a basement or, if that’s not possible, go to the lowest floor available, get in the center, far away from windows. Get under cover of something solid, like a table. Hiding under a mattress or inside a closet is also a good idea. Choose space with low ceilings – your school’s gym would not be a great shelter. If you are outside and too far from buildings, find the lowest, most protected place and put your hands over your head.

Air doesn’t have a color, which means that a tornado could be invisible. However, they spin so fast, that they pick up water vapor, dirt and other objects. You can see that.

Here is how tornadoes form. Cool, dry air collides with moist, warm air. This creates storms. This leads to strong winds and the air rises fast, creating a spinning motion in the air, with air going up and then down in circles. The raising warm air creates an updraft, which causes the air circles to go from hitting the ground to moving parallel to the ground:

Social science πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“

Ancient Egypt – history

This week, our theme for social science will be Ancient Egypt. Today, I will tell you a bit about its history. Tomorrow, we will talk about their religion. On Wednesday, I will tell you about their pyramids (they are awesome! I can’t wait to show you!). On Thursday, I will show you the hieroglyphics (I needed my mom to help me write this long word down), which was their way of writing.

Egypt is located in northern Africa. Most of it is covered by land and river Nile flows through the middle of it. In ancient times, there was a huge empire in there, ruled by the pharaohs. It first started in year 3150 BC and lasted until 20 BC, when Rome conquered Egypt. The river was extremely important to that civilization because it flooded the desert every year and allowed people to grow food. They learned to grow their own grains, which allowed the ancient Egyptians to settle down, instead of moving all the time to find food.

Important people from Egypt:

  • Cleopatra – she was a ruler of Egypt towards the end of the empire. She had close relationships with many important men of that time and many books and movies were made about her
  • King Tut – teenage pharaoh, mostly known because his tomb survived until our times
  • Queen Hatshepsut – back then, women weren’t really allowed to rule. Her husband died before her and her son became the pharaoh. The son was pretty young, so Queen Hatshepsut took care of ruling for him. She ended up staying in charge of running the country. She increased trade with neighboring empires
  • King Menes – originally, Egypt was divided into two parts: Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. He unified the two countries and built its capital in Memphis. He was the first king of Egypt
  • Nefertiti – she was wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten and they ruled together, which was unusual – both because people didn’t share power back then and because women were not supposed to be in charge. They changed religion of ancient Egypt to worship only one god: Aten, god of the Sun
  • Ramses II – he was a great ruler and make the country rich and safe

Important accomplishments:

  • Engineering
  • A system of mathematics
  • Practical and effective medicine
  • Irrigation system – that’s how they delivered water from the river to their crops. It was a system of paths for water to go
  • Agriculture – science that helps with crops
  • Glass making

Trivia of the day ❓

Mount Everest in the Himalayas is the tallest mountain in the world.

Word of the day ❗

Bestow – give as a gift

Activity of the day πŸ›

Learn about polar bears from this video:

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