⭐ Lessons for March 20, 2020 ⭐

Welcome to Friday! Today is going to be a bit different than other day. For math, it’s only practice worksheets, so you can make sure you understand all the subjects right before we move to multiplication. And after that, we will do a little quiz. Please write in your answers in the comment section. Every Monday, we will choose somebody to be the winner and they will get a fridge magnet:

PE 🏃‍♀️

Today, we will be working on our back muscle. All this sitting can hurt your back really badly, so it’s important to make it stronger! Please follow my video:

Math ➕➖✖➗

Here are your review worksheets:

You can check your solutions right here:

Science 🔬

Question 1: What do you call middle of a hurricane?

Question 2: What do we call process of creation of a crystal?

Question 3: How do you prevent spread of a virus?

Question 4: Can you name the two types of volcanoes?

Social Science 👩‍🎓

Question 1: What made Frida Kahlo famous?

Question 2: Name one of Indira Gandhi’s accomplishments

Question 3: Can you name the two elements that Marie Curie discovered?

Question 4: Name one of Queen Elizabeth I accomplishments

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