⭐ Lessons for March 17, 2020 ⭐

PE πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Today, we will do soccer for our workout.

  • Start with the 20 jumping jacks to warm up
  • Bounce the ball on your knee – 10 times each side
  • Practice running with the ball around the cones
  • Practice passing ball between two cones

Here is my YouTube video showing what to do – exercise with me!

Math βž•βž–βœ–βž—

Three-digit addition

Today’s lesson is about three-digit addition. This is when you add two numbers with three digits to each other. Let’s use an example to help me explain. We will be figuring out how much 122 + 452 is.

First, write them down like this:

1 2 2

+4 5 2

First, you are going to add the last two numbers to each other:

1 2 2

+4 5 2

_ _ 4

Second, you need to add the middle numbers:

1 2 2

+4 5 2

_ 7 4

Now, we will add the two front numbers to each other:

1 2 2

+4 5 2

+5 7 4

But this works only if the two numbers in each column added to each other are less than 10. What if they are more? πŸ€” Here is an example: let’s add 489 + 452.

We start the same way:

4 8 9

+4 5 2

Now we add the last two numbers:

4 8 9

+4 5 2

_ _11

Oh-oh! We can’t have a 11 in there! Now we have to put the 1 below the 5 and the 7 and put 1 on top – above the 8:


+4 8 9

+4 5 2

_ _ 1

Now we have to add 1 + 8 + 5 in the middle:

4 8 9

+4 5 2

_ 14 1

Again: not good! We now ended up with a 14 below the 5. Like with the 9 and a 2, we leave 4 below the 5 and put 1 above the 4″


+4 8 9

+4 5 2

9 4 1

And now you know that 489 + 452 = 941

Here is my video with instructions:

Here is a worksheet for you to practice:

And solutions to the worksheet:

Science πŸ”¬


Crystals are made of very well organized (really, really tiny) particles. They have a special pattern, which is different for each particle. Here is what they can look like:

When you look at crystals, they usually have flat surfaces and sharp angles – no rounding in there!

Creation of crystals is called crystallization. The particles are in a liquid, like water and then when the liquid evaporates, it leaves the particles in an organized structure – the crystal.

Computer and some TV screens are made from liquid crystals. So it’s possible that you are reading this lesson thanks to crystals!

Flat surfaces of crystals make them shiny and that’s why we make a lot of jewelry out of them.

Social science πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“

Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi was born on November 19, 1917 in Allahabad, British India. Since then, India became independent of England and now the place where she was born is called Prayagraj, India. She studied in Oxford, but never finished. While still living in England, she got married. Indira Gandhi and her husband had two kids. Gandhi was her husband’s name and she was not related to Mahatma Gandhi. Back in India, she worked for the government and in 1966, she became the first woman to be India’s prime minister and one of the first women to be elected to lead a democratic country. Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own bodyguards on October 31, 1984.

Indira Gandhi’s main accomplishments:

  • Green revolution – after the independence, there was not enough food for everybody in India. She made sure that the Green Revolution happened. It brought new plants to India, making sure there was enough for everybody to eat
  • Banks – she made the government take over the banks (nationalization). This way if the banks went out of business, people wouldn’t lose all of their money. It also made banks work for regular people – before that, they were only interested in companies and very rich people
  • Bangladesh – Indira Gandhi made sure that the Bengali people had a country of their own. Their land used to be part of Pakistan, but they were treated really badly
  • First Indian to go to space – her government made it possible for a man from India to go fly to space with the Russians
  • When she was the prime minister, she made India become a very important country in that part of the world.

Trivia of the day ❓

Planet nearest to the Sun: Mercury.

Word of the day ❗

Din – a loud, harsh, or strident noise.

Activity of the day πŸ›

Watch me make crystals at home:

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